Monday, August 04, 2008

Catching Up

Today was my day off work, boy, I had so much catch-up I wanted to do. I managed to cross some off the to-do list, cleaning, cooking, baking, pruning roses were just a few of them.The roses in the front garden are all pruned, but the back garden is still only half-done. I get tons of rose hips like these, these are only samples of a tiny portion of them. Don't you just love the look of their fruity succulence? I do! They can be used for making jam, but I didn't try this time.The weather was simply gorgeous and perfect, a bit like an autumn day with very crisp cool air and soft sunshine. I love days like that, I felt so very energetic and alive and wanted to do many many things, only if I had more time. I took a little break and put the last of my winter roses together for some photos while my roast lamb dinner is cooking in the oven. The rose bushes were mostly stripped of their foliage due to the cold, they looked rather naked; so it was good they got pruned and await the hope of a new start in the Spring. I couldn't believe I still got a bouquet out of them at this time of the year.My side courtyard garden is evergreen, this has been planned so I can see "green" even when it's really cold.
Ah! It's time to have a cup of tea. The Apple and White Choc Chip Muffins I baked earlier are all gone now that the kids are home from school, so I'll just have to settle with these store-bought double choc chip cookies with my cuppa. I like drinking coffee too, but because coffee tends to make me jumpy and I have to have sugar in my coffee, I end up drinking more tea than coffee, it's just a healthier choice for me. What about you? Which one do you drink more of?Oh! Now it's time to attend to the vegetables part of the roast dinner, I'll have to go, tata. Have a great week, my dear friends.


Holly said...

Hello Rosy!

Thanks for stopping by my little spot! I loooove your roses and I wish I could come visit you and sit in your lounge room! It takes my breath away!

~Hugs and Hearts~

Ivory Spring said...


Beautiful!!!! I love the picture of the rose hips. Honestly, I have never really seen rose hips - so I am glad you posted a picture of them.

Definitely coffee (for me) because tea keeps me awake at night just the same. I do limit my coffee to about maybe two cups a week, though. I just recently found some herbal "tea" that doesn't have tea leaves that tastes heavenly - so, I've been having that! :)

Sweet Designs said...

Oh, I can always count on your for my beautiful flower pics! Gosh I wish I lived next door to you! I guess I drink a bit more coffee than tea, but it is mighty close.

Tutti Chic said...

your roses are to-die for! your dinner also sounds divine~making me hungry!LOL! :) chris

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Rosy,

I came back to look at your rose pictures again - like I always do. I also love the groundcover (?) you have -- the one with white little flowers. Do you mind telling me what it is?


Donna Lynn said...

Hi dear Friend!
I haven't been around to check on you in quite some time, I got so caught up in the summer here, gardening, painting, finishing our barn etc.

Loved your beautiful post, thanks for sharing some more of your beautiful roses!

Angela Louise said...

Such beautiful posies of rosies!They are are the photos. I think that you had a good idea planting so that you can always see some green. That was one of the mistakes that I made when I started gardening. I have been rectifying that whilst we have been getting rain. I had way too many plants that can become straggly and not enough clippables. I am always persuaded by the flowers that plants like Salvias and many other perennials have. Wonderful when there's rain but not so good in the dry weather.
I still admire what a wonderful home keeper you are. It sure makes life much more fun doesn't it? There's such a feeling of well being when there are plenty of homecooked meals and treats and a beautiful garden as well.
Wishing you happy days, Angela.

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Rosy,

It's wonderful to hear from you. I think I am going to tweak with the colors some more before sewing out on the final project. ;)

CIELO said...

Hi Rosy.... answering to your comments on my blog: No, is not cold here--thanks goodness, at least not yet! I was not wearing a jacket, just my black office pant suit—very appropriate for a cold air conditioning room; and the scarf... well, didn't I mention I was just being silly modeling in front of the mirror???

Ps: your roses are so beautiful.... and by the way, you still have roses???? isn't it winter there???? He!

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Rosy,

It's funny you would say that... the the pattern's selling point for me WAS the sewing machine!!! Ah... great minds think alike! ;)

Alison Gibbs said...

How gorgeous your roses are. Bring on Spring for some new growth and beautiful roses. Your rosehips look fabulous

Beata said...

Simply beautiful....I love your roses!!