Friday, September 26, 2008

Dreamy Days of Spring

Spring is upon us gradually, and while I wait for my roses in the garden to turn from buds to blooms; and while I'm squishing aphids and spraying them with a natural extract from the Pyrethrum Daisy; and hoping they haven't done too much damage to the flowers; my heart is earnestly embracing the longer days, maybe afternoon tea in the courtyard with scones and jam and cream;maybe lazing on the bench with a few decorating mags; or simply watch some drama in the heavens at dusk. No kidding, these photos below except for the first one were taken all in one evening! on one side there was the rainbow, and on the other; this dramatic change in the sky taking place! There wasn't a fire either, just the sun setting in the west! From this............... to this.............. to this................ to this................. all happening in our backyard! These photos don't do the real thing justice. Sure it's not this dramatic everyday, still I feel privileged to have witnessed that. I love Spring for the new beginning and new life it implies, for the new promises it brings. Though Autumn is my all-time favourite season, Spring is perhaps the season you can dream a bit, plan a bit, and Spring clean a bit................. New beginnings are exciting! Many of you who are living in the Northern Hemisphere have mentioned to me that it's hard to believe our opposite seasons, yes, it is amazing, these Southern and Northern Hemispheric differences. Happy Spring and Happy Fall, my dear friends! Seasons come, seasons go. Enjoy your season!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun Floral and Herbs Arrangements

I painted this wooden tray a washed robin egg blue by adding water to acrylic paint. It was raw light wood colour. (Sorry I forgot to get a "Before" photo) I got it years ago from a craft store for something like $1. I thought it'd look great with all different jars or bottles in it. I could also use them for flowers and herbs from time to time, and have lots of fun playing with the endless different ways of arrangements.Also I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Maryjane at The Beehive Cottage for featuring my blog on her blog. I've been able to discover so many other wonderful and beautiful blogs which I'd never have discovered otherwise. Thanks, Maryjane. Note: I keep the glass jars and bottles from food and drinks we've had, it's more like I'm unable to get myself to throw them out, so I have a cupboard full of them; all shapes and sizes; ready for "recycling". I like to use them as vases or for giving roses to my friends in. Jars with reasonably wide "mouths" are great for a decent bunch of roses arranged nicely, I tie a ribbon/bow around the "neck" of the jar to give it a nice little touch.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Spring Curtains Sneak Peek

I have been busy in the garden, but these last two days have been windy and rainy, so I decided to do something that's been on my "To Do" List for a while, indoors. I've been wanting to change the curtains in the kitchen! The old curtains look fine but they are just way too heavy for my liking, they make it difficult for laundry. So it's time for a change!
Here's the sneak peeks of one side of the finished curtains, I opted for Blue and White Roses, the fabric is so much lighter and easier to manage, cheerier and happier and everything. I will have to go now so I can finish the other half! Hope everyone of you will have a beautiful weekend.
(20 Sept 2008) Note : Below are the finished curtains! Now I'll go and play with the different lengths with those adjustable ties!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm in awe.............

Spring has crept up on me this year, Just when I wasn't paying much attention. It still feels like yesterday I'd just pruned the roses, and they have come back in force already. Lavender blue, lavender blue, where can I find a friend oh-so-true?Pink Lavenders too! and "Pure Harmony" white French lavenders my brother gave me..........Today I was as though on a roll to pay specific attention to intricate details that Creation had to offer, I wasn't disappointed. I realised the camera could pick up much more details than I could see in real life with my own two eyes. The intricacy of the process of flowering is amazing...........Even part of my lunch speaks volumes about the intricacy of God's creation! I'm in awe.........This flower speaks Spring to me like no others, I have tried to remember its name; but I still don't have it. (Perhaps you do?) That's what happens when you grow it from cuttings from a friend. I'm still in awe of the intricacy of this flower! Oh! Look at it.............. How can I not be?It was good to take time and slow down to notice and pay attention.