Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time Flies

Happy Monday, everyone! I have been MIA lately, and how time flies! I have missed you all. With our kids on summer holidays, I've hardly had time to squeeze in blogging. This timepiece (i.e. clock; above and below) finally got hung up on our "nook" wall, it looks bigger in real life, apart from its beauty and vintage charm, it keeps reminding me of the time, and also to do the right thing while I have time. The time we've been gifted here on earth is precious and is a privilege. I've also painted some cushions, here they are sitting on our sofa. One says "Rejoice always" and the other "The wise shall inherit glory" in French. I'm happy with the way they look. The dining table is still not here yet, But I have moved some furniture to make a space ready for it. Hope it's not going to be too long, will show photos later. Have a wonderful week, folks.