Thursday, December 09, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

Hi, everyone, my recent long absence from here has been due to busy-ness round this time of the year- I've also been busy preparing to host a cookie swap at my humble abode; I'm glad to report that a wonderful time was had by all. So here's just a short post to say that everything is fine here, I hope that you are too.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baking French Morsels

I've been enjoying baking French morsels lately, French Macaroons and Madeleines in particular. They are really scrumptious treats indeed; I have to stop myself from eating too much of them. Have you tried to bake those? Do you like them? I found the process of making the macaroons a bit more time-consuming and fiddly and they are rather sweet to eat, they were supposed to be pink (strawberry flavour), but I didn't add enough pink food colouring ( I must've been too well conditioned not to have food colouring in food) to make them turn out pink enough. Good thing is my kids still absolutely loved them whether they were pink or not. (Let's see, their colour made them look more like Caramel or Coffee Macaroons, we could just call them any of those? Non?) The Madeleines were simple and easy-peasy to make but disappeared extremely quickly as soon as they were out of the oven. If you asked me if I would bake them again, I would say I would. (Next time I want to make Mint Green Macaroons and make sure I get them to look mint green!!!) Thanks for coming by here, have a lovely weekend; Till next time.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Spring Garden Update

I have finally organised my recent Spring garden pictures and here are a portion that I compiled for you to see. So let's go for a stroll in the garden, shall we? I'll let the pictures take the lead. So there you have it, the tour of my little garden, hope you didn't get bored. I have to say after staring at the mostly white and green of the climbers growing on the fence for the whole winter while the roses were pruned, I'm now quite glad to see colours everywhere when I look out the windows. Have a colourful week, everyone.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

When Burlap Meets Roses

On a hot day, I like to cut some of the roses' blooms and bring them inside to enjoy, I figure it's better than them getting dried up out in the sun. However, before I brought these blooms in, I set them up for a little photo session outside, and these are some of the pictures for you my dear bloggers and friends. I love the way the texture of the burlap shows in pictures, I think burlap looks just oh-so-fine with roses, don't you? I hope you are enjoying your week, I want to thank you lovely ladies who sent me very encouraging e-mails recently, I will reply to your requests and questions as soon as I can, you ladies are a wonderful bunch. Did I tell you I love hearing from you? Roses used here are Jude the Obscure (yellow, peachy, David Austin), Jubilee Celebration (pink, David Austin) and Radio Times (pink, David Austin)

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Spring in My Garden

Springtime is lovely. (Yes, it's Springtime in Australia!) I for one am not fond of the winter, so I'm always glad when Spring comes. My roses in the front garden are blooming earlier than the back ones as usual. The back garden's roses are budding. Some others are starting to bloom. Gertrude Jekyl (a David Austin rose) Heritage (also David Austin) Gold Bunny (a Floribunda) Another Gertrude Jekyl I can tell the bees, butterflies and the ladybirds are having so much fun, they always come and keep me company when I'm in the garden. Everytime I've done some gardening, I would think I should do it more often or do it everyday, but the busy-ness of life often keeps me away from the garden. Today I'm joining Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.