Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Garden Bliss and Happy Easter

I realise I haven't taken pictures in my garden for quite some time, for one thing, I'm not too keen when the glare of the summer's sunshine is strong; and it seems like I always get busy at dusk when the lighting is better. There have been more overcast days, so here are some random garden pictures.
If you remember, I talked about waiting for my dining table to come in a previous post, here. it's still not here yet. This table here is the one which they made too small, the lady at the shop is letting me use it until the RIGHT one gets here, which might be the end of April. You can see it is too small for eight chairs and the feet should have balls on them like the chairs. The curves on the tabletop and the carved motifs (which I ordered) are gorgeous though. Ooh! Maybe I'll need a table runner so it doesn't look so bare on the tabletop and yet doesn't completely cover its good looks.These pink roses are St. Cecilia and Radio Times. They are so gorgeous I took ten million pictures of them! The right pinks, the right scents and the right forms, ahhhhh!!!

And last but not least, I want to say Happy Easter and wish everyone of you a very beautiful, safe and meaningful Easter season. These speckled eggs are my favourite, I buy them every year and they are sugar-coated chocolate eggs, honestly they are so cute that I can't get myself to eat them. Take care everyone, till next time.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To All Rose Lovers

Ok, folks, here we go, this is to all of you who love roses, especially David Austin's English Roses. First I brought the roses in from the garden, I laid them out on the kitchen bench, sometimes they are just so gorgeous that I have to get my camera out before I do anything else with them, and this was one of those times. I think they're oozing with a certain beauty simply stacked on top of one another............ Take a closer look............ I even took them to our bedroom for a bit of a photo session. I especially like the pink ones. (Radio Times is their name) First up, on my dressing table.......... I finally changed the pictures in those mini picture frames to coffee-stained papers with numbers on them, love love love....... Also, on my bedside table........... Their colour and the formation of their many petals (which make them look like old roses) are simply superb. Then, finally, I put them in vases as they were extremely thirsty by then. With a cup of tea, I sat down and inhaled, ahhhhhh! The fragrances from the roses were "killing" me. One day, you might be able to smell them through your computer, maybe one day............... For now, you will have to just enjoy their good looks. Enjoy the rest of your week. Ciao.

Monday, March 08, 2010

The Joys of Scented Roses

One of the most enjoyable things about growing roses is to be able to pick their flowers-- heavenly scented flowers!!! I'm having a lot of fun playing with roses at the moment; and can you tell I really enjoy them? As autumn approaches, I'm sure I will have even more glorious blooms to enjoy. I keep putting my nose up to them, it's become a habit when I get near roses; I make sure there's no bees in them before I do that, I promise. Happy Monday to you, I wish you a joyous week. Take time to smell the roses...........