Monday, September 08, 2008

Enchanting Windows Party

Cielo from The House in the Roses is having another party. This time she invited us to participate in the enchanting and awesome Windows Party. Our house has many large windows and I had trouble deciding which window is my favourite. They are all my favourites. So I narrowed them down to three and decided to show them. I haven't really done anything special to dress them up for the party, I decided to participate by showing them as they are in real life. This first one is of the Queen Anne Bay Windows in our bedroom. They are almost ceiling-to-floor and are east facing. I love the light that streams through them into the bedroom, these windows really make the bedroom look and feel larger. Every morning I open the curtains up and let the sun shine in. I simply love it when the bedroom gets optimal light especially on those dark winter's days. The second one is of our Lounge Room windows. Our Lounge room is like an extra sitting room in the front of the house. These windows are also east facing, so they get the soft morning sun as well. I decided to use lace curtains for these windows as lace has an immediate "wow" effect on the room, I love the softness in this room.This last one is of the back windows in our Living Room. They are west facing and so they get the afternoon sun beating on them. That's why we have heavy sunblock curtains here. The view is into our back garden here, it's not the ocean or anything like that, but I'm thankful just to be able to look outside and see garden.I hope you enjoyed my windows tour, thank you for visiting me and hope you'll come back again. Please say hi before you leave so I can visit you too. Also don't forget to visit The House in the Roses to see other bloggers' lovely window displays. Have a lovely week, my dear friends.


bj said...

Good morning, Rosy,
Your windows are all just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.
I love,love your last photo showing your lovely garden.
love, bj

Virginia said...

You have dress all your windows absolutely beautiful, your bedroom is gorgeous, so romantic. I love it all!
Blessings Virginia

KarenHarveyCox said...

Such lovely windows. I love the softness of those beige drapes, and your view is just lovely. Karen

Carolyn said...

Hi Rosy, Your bedroom is so soothing.Waking up to the sun streeming in must be a joy! Also your blog is very pretty-I love the roses.I am happy to be on your favorites list.I haven't figured out how to do that yet on my blog!

CIELO said...

Oh Rosy, you khow how I love your roses and your romantic home, and this room and that precious window made my day..... truly enchanting! My sincere THANKS for participating. I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.



Ivory Spring said...

Your windows scenes are beautiful, Rosy! They are decorated with just the right touch!!

Joy said...

What pretty rooms and windows you have there. I love the lace curtains.

celestina marie said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely windows. Each is gorgeous! What a beautiful home you have and so wonderfully decorated. Pure inspiration!
la rea rose

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Really pretty windows! And for that matter your rooms are lovely too.
xoxo Nita

MARIA said...

So beautiful and lovely!
Thanks for sharing!

My best wishes to you
Maria from Poland

Carolyn said...

Hi Rosy,
Thank you for your helpful comment on my blog. Now, if you could just teach me how to type with more then one finger!
Have a good day.

Connie said...

It's taking me 2 days so far to cover all the windows in the party, sweetpea. Your's are exquisite, honey!!! I always love viewing Australia blogs because their photos are lovely and light and just soooo near perfect. To say NOTHING about their style! You're as close to USA decorating as any I've seen, my little chickadee! I just LOOOOOVE that big window with the lace draped curtains. Oooo LA LA

Marina Capano said...

Hi! wow!What a beautiful views. your windows are so nice! You have fantastic bedroom

visit me anytime...

Annalunda said...

I´m glad I found your lovely, romantic, beautiful blog thanks to Cielo´s windowparty :) Your photos are soo pretty and the roses are fabulous!! I love English roses too...

Welcome to visit me and my roses!

Love Annie in Sweden