Friday, September 26, 2008

Dreamy Days of Spring

Spring is upon us gradually, and while I wait for my roses in the garden to turn from buds to blooms; and while I'm squishing aphids and spraying them with a natural extract from the Pyrethrum Daisy; and hoping they haven't done too much damage to the flowers; my heart is earnestly embracing the longer days, maybe afternoon tea in the courtyard with scones and jam and cream;maybe lazing on the bench with a few decorating mags; or simply watch some drama in the heavens at dusk. No kidding, these photos below except for the first one were taken all in one evening! on one side there was the rainbow, and on the other; this dramatic change in the sky taking place! There wasn't a fire either, just the sun setting in the west! From this............... to this.............. to this................ to this................. all happening in our backyard! These photos don't do the real thing justice. Sure it's not this dramatic everyday, still I feel privileged to have witnessed that. I love Spring for the new beginning and new life it implies, for the new promises it brings. Though Autumn is my all-time favourite season, Spring is perhaps the season you can dream a bit, plan a bit, and Spring clean a bit................. New beginnings are exciting! Many of you who are living in the Northern Hemisphere have mentioned to me that it's hard to believe our opposite seasons, yes, it is amazing, these Southern and Northern Hemispheric differences. Happy Spring and Happy Fall, my dear friends! Seasons come, seasons go. Enjoy your season!


countrygirl3031 said...

What beautiful pictures...just breaktaking! Yes, I live in Wisconsin and our leaves are changes to such beautiful colors. Fall is my favorite season!

Have a great day!

Melissa's Cozy Tea Time Readings said...

If you don't already have one, I'd like to encourage you to open a Flickr account. Your pictures are so lovely and I belong to a couple of tea groups that would be blessed by your photos.
Also, there is a blog out there that does sky watch Friday. I have a link to it on my blog. Your sky, sunset pics would be a great addition.

CIELO said...

Beautiful vignettes--as ususal... I'm glad is spring there, that way I will have roses to see and smell, during our long gray winter days... :)

Happy weekend!


Pink Slippers said... is great that your camera was able to capture the beauty. Wendy


Wow those pic's were amazing! It is really hard to believe we have opposite seasons. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pic's and I love your bench!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosy,

Lovely sky shots!! I love the colors - what an artistic Creator we have!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosy,

Thanks for the kind comment you have left on my wholecloth. I had a lot of fun working on it.

It's great that you get to spend quality time with your kids - I am sure they enjoy being with you! :)

Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

Gorgeous pics! Amazing we are heading into completely different seasons! Funny, I didn't want to let go of summer but as the days began to cool and the air is soooo refreshing and crisp, I find myself actually looking forward to fall. Susan

Rhondi said...

I saw your cake recipe at Jan & Tom's pLace so just thought i'd pop over and say hello. What amazing photos you were able to get in one day, just beautiful! Actually I love all your photography.
It's funny thinking about you just heading into spring while we are just beginning our fall!

Hattie said...

Hellooo from Tennessee,
Just now came across your blog.
Those are breathtaking beautiful roses. I can almost catch their fragrance!!