Saturday, September 06, 2008

Happy Aussie Father's Day

Tomorrow will be Father's Day in Australia, I know our friends in the US had it in June. Both my own dad and father-in-law have gone to be with the Lord, they both lived a life honouring the things of God, putting God first and they have left a legacy of integrity and faithfulness and I'm most grateful to them for their examples they set while they were alive. We'll be celebrating Father's Day with awesome hubby being the dad to our three wonderful kids, hope all of you Aussie bloggy friends will have a lovely Father's Day. Happy weekend to you all.


Pink Slippers said...

Happy Father's Day to your hubby! Neat that the day is different then here in the States. wendy

Ivory Spring said...

I have NEVER known that Father's Day is celebrated on a different day in Oz-land! Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

Victoria Lynn said...

That's cool...I thought it was only in the States! Hope your hubby has a wonderful day! Blessings, Victoria Lynn