Friday, August 01, 2008

Scrapbook Album

It's been eons since my last post, one of the reasons is my friend has asked me to help in a school canteen for a few weeks while this other lady is on long-service leave. The lady I work with is simply fantastic and we get on like a house on fire, so it's really pleasant going to work. My blog has been neglected a bit as I work during my kids' school hours and when I finish work, it's time for them to come home too. So as a result I haven't been able to spend my normal spare time taking photos and blogging. I really miss visiting your blogs as well.
Another reason is I've been trying to put together a Scrapbook Album for my mother-in-law's birthday. With elderly people like my mother-in-law who's got everything and been clearing out her house, I feel as if if I buy "things" for her, they'll just be an extra piece of junk. One of the things which she kept hanging onto are family photos and albums. So I thought she'd appreciate an album filled with our beautiful memories and plus I could make up for my lack of photo-sending during these last few years, and scrapbook album is just much more exciting to look at than just a normal photos album.
This baby is a real labour of love and a joint-effort of the kids and I. It took us a whole week and a half to complete everything. There are family pages as well, but for privacy purpose, I'll only show you these garden and rosy pages. We kept our embellishments to a minimum bearing in mind that they'd look too busy otherwise and taking into account the number of photos used as well. One thing we found out about scrapbooking is it's highly addictive, my kids kept asking me for more to do. So if you have never tried it, beware! Don't start unless you want to be hooked! I really enjoyed picking out all the bits and pieces of embellishments and stickers etc at the shops, it was time-consuming, but it was worth it.
Now on a different note, this picture below is a corner of our bedroom, I've finally got it up. I love three-dimensional things on the wall instead of pictures. The dress belongs to me, it's a loose-waisted summer white cotton dress with lilac rosettes, I don't only love white things in decor, but also white things on myself.


Ivory Spring said...

That has got to be the prettiest scrapbook I have ever seen - the kids and you have done a superb job! And what a precious gift idea.

So far, scrapbooks and I haven't hit it off. I was going to do one for my brother for his college years. I bought a leather-bound huge scrapbook, and I never got started with it even though I had all the supplies. I eventually "delegated" that job of doing the scrapbook to his wife since she like crafty things like scrapbooking.

And you decorations on the wall are simply VERY YOU! ;)

Holly said...

I had no idea how many beautiful blogs there were out there. I guess I've been to busy with my own. :>

Thanks for making yours. I must plant some pink roses!

~ Hearts~

Alison Gibbs said...

What a fabulous gift for you Mother in Law. Something she will really enjoy.

Sweet Designs said...

What a wonderful idea, especially since all your photos are magazine worthy and so beautiful. I am sure this is going to be something she will always treasure!

CIELO said...

Love your rosy album idea! I might have to start my own now... :)