Wednesday, May 28, 2008

End of Autumn

Autumn is approaching its end, which means Winter is nigh. As you know Autumn is my all-time favourite season and I don't want it to end. But what's one to do when one cannot stop Winter from coming. Sigh! It has to come one way or another. So I'll just enjoy Autumn while it's here, even if I'm barely holding on to the tail-end of it.

Gold Bunny and Candy Cane Weeping Tree Rose (the pink in the background)
Radio Times (pink one in the foreground) Ah! I love the yellow rose showing in the background, that's the reason why I have yellow roses, they zest things up in the garden, even though my primary favourites are pink, apricot and mauve ones. Gold Bunny
Perfumed Perfection(Mauve) Ambridge Rose and Golden Years with Pink Simplicity in the background
Gold Bunny and Perfumed Perfection

Here I'm showing you some photos of my rose garden which I took yesterday and today. You might think it doesn't look like Winter is coming, it looks more like Spring is here. Well, here in my garden, Autumn is actually the best time for plump, (I was going to write juicy, LOL), well-formed, extra-large and extra-vivid- coloured roses because of the good rain and just the right amount of sunshine during this time. The cool of Autumn really brings out the best in roses, and the blooms keep looking great much longer. So as you can see, as a gardener, I'd want to stretch Autumn out as long as and as much as I can manage to do so.

Abraham Darby (this one is unusually loose-petalled) Pierre de Ronsard (Eden Rose)
Golden Years TamoraSome foliage on some bushes might start to look a bit unsightly towards the end of Autumn, but generally here if you look after your roses, they can hold out till the beginning of Winter and can even keep on flowering (even though less vigorously) till mid Winter.
Gold Bunnys look cool sideways, ay?! Have a great day filled with lovely moments, everyone! Bye for now!


Ivory Spring said...

Wow!!! Rosy... looking at the profusion of buds on your bushes makes me think my rose bush is mal-nourished!

What beautiful roses!!! I think I can smell the fragrance! :)

Ivory Spring said...

Hahaha... as for the Hello Kitty plate - it was there as a "test" to see how observant my bloggy friends are - obviously you are one observant gal! :) There are actually two of them - given to me by some girls in my Bible Study group years ago.

Donna Lynn said...

Hi there,
I have not been around to visit you lately and missed a few posts! I will have to catch up, your nutty salad looks divine and the roses are just amazing, I love Abraham Darby!

Hope your week is going well!

Sherry said...

Your roses are gloriously beautiful!! I love the photos with the water drops on them! I am so jealous, I wish I had room for all of those beauties!!

CIELO said...

Hi Rosy.... wow, it amazes me how beautiful your roses are still looking at this time of the year.... mines are about to explode... I check them every day and tell them "hurry girls... hurry and open up!" Two more weeks and I will have a colorful show....

Enjoy the lovely Indian days of Australia...



just_charming_ said...

Wow!! Your roses are still blooming beautifully in Perth! My roses here in Melbourne have just had their last flush and are ready for pruning. Love reading your blog, it's just gorgeous! Suzanne.

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Rosy,

I just can't get over how gorgeous your roses are whenever I come to your blog!!!

Re: your question on the stable. I bought it. I think it was probably meant to go with the Italian resin Fontanini set. But I was able to get the stable all by itself at a store once.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your roses look so healthy!

May I ask which online nursery did you buy your roses from?

David Austin roses are my fav roses. However, some of them are showing signs of rose mosaic virus and I'm planning to replace them from a different vendor.

Thanks for your help.

Jimmy. (Aus)

Mandi said...

just catching up again as have been so busy ...helping with daughters wedding....your roses are still as stunning as ever and I can even smell them!!!,,,Wonderful cakes and receipes as have inspired me to go and do some cooking..,,,lovely to see your photos of down south...we miss our place in Denmark...cheers for now

Rosy said...


Ooh! That's the horrible virus which can't be treated. I didn't get any of my DA roses from online nurseries, I got them from a local nursery called "Roworth" coz I like to be able to see what I get.I read somewhere that if it seems like the bushes are doing fine, then don't need to remove them. But one thing you have to be very careful with is when you prune or deadhead, make sure you disinfect your sacateurs or tools with Dettol going from one bush to another, this will prevent the spreading of the virus from your infected bush to healthy ones.

Donna Lynn said...

Hi there,
Just checking in on you...hope you had a lovely Autumn weekend!

Donna Lynn