Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's a small world afterall

Big thanks to all of you who visit me here. It's lovely to be back. I had a great time with our precious guests. It was simply wonderful to be able to catch up, reminisce about old times as well as create new memories with them, what a memorable time we had!
One of the places we visited was a "Miniature World" set in a beautifully designed garden with a quaint house full of character with tea rooms open to the public, I just loved the way everything was done. There was also a hedge maze and mini golf course which I didn't get to take a photo of, it would've been good to have done so as there was a look-out you can go up to to get the bird's eye view, but I was too busy down in the maze trying to work my way through. Apparently the whole garden came into being due to a couple's passion - husband's passion for gardening and wife's for old-fashioned tea rooms. It was a bit wet the day we visited, it was enjoyable nonetheless. Without further ado, here are some of the photos I took which will give you a better idea. Hope you'll enjoy the tour.

The EntranceThe Door to the Rose Garden
Part of Rose Garden
Azaleas and Camellias
Some other parts of the big garden and miniature displays


Ivory Spring said...

What a charming place. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your guests. :)

Kelli - VintageVavoom said...

That looks like a wonderful place to visit. Thank you for sharing the photos!


CIELO said...

Beautiful beautiful place… and so good to know you are well. Missed you!


Joy said...

What a wonderful place. Thanks for the tour! Love the minature houses. I want to go now!

Deborah said...

These pictures are beautiful! I love the garden gate and the miniatures.

Linda said...

Oh what lovely gardens and the minitures are just adorable.
Cheers Linda

Donna Lynn said...

Those houses can't be mini, they look so real! I would love to be
1" tall so I could move in!!!!

Hope you are doing great!
Donna Lynn

TattingChic said...

What a fun place to visit. I thought the gardens were all exquisite.