Friday, June 27, 2008

Vintage and Sentimental

Here are some of the vintage embroidered and crocheted linen, napkins and doilies which my mum passed on to me a few years ago. I remember us kids used to sit in a circle to go through some of these pretty things with mum every now and again and I used to ask if I could have them when I grew up. She remembered that and gave a whole lot to me years ago. I hold them dear to my heart as they have tremendous sentimental value to me. Some truly have that aged look, probably around 50 years since she bought them. I'm too afraid to use them as they might be too fragile for laundry, so I pull them out to have a look at them every now and then. This iron is made of wood, I painted and antiqued it many years ago. Just something that has followed me everywhere through the years. I keep the smaller doilies in these pretty boxes. Did you notice I like birds' ornaments?
Hope you'll all have a cheerful weekend, we're going to have a wet and dark one, but I'll be cheerful nonetheless. Ciao!

Belle our babe


Roses and Lilacs said...

Beautiful linens to enjoy and bring back good memories of Mom. I have a few I treasure. My Mom and Grandma both like to sew in the evenings.

Your little Belle has such a pretty face. Is she part collie or shetland sheepdog? She has the coloring.

Anonymous said...

Those linens are so pretty and how precious that you have them to enjoy! Your dog is so adorable...she looks just like my niece's dog! Hope you have a wonderful weekend (even in the rain!). Blessings, Victoria Lynn

Ivory Spring said...

What treasures you have! They are all beautiful. I love that iron.

Alison Gibbs said...

How wonderful to have your Mums linens
So many memories

Ivory Spring said...

Thanks for the lovely comments you have left for me! :)

Re: petunias -- now I wish I had gotten more as I have a lot more bare spots to cover in the front flower bed. But I keep telling myself, baby steps, baby steps -- I don't have to have everything I would want all at once! :)

Re: Mexican casserole -- yes, it's super easy! I generally like easy recipes for our everyday meals. That way I can actually have time for other things. :) Just come on over, I will re-set the table for you! :)

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Rosy,

Thanks bunches for the kind comment you have left on my quilting! :)

Re: Corn tortilla - they would be soft and nice to bite into, but not mushy. In the bag over here, they would look a bit "leathery" and yellow in color. I don't really like flour tortillas (white) in casserole because they get too "wet" in my opinion...
Now, the green chilies that I get over here do not taste spicy at all - that's why I add the jalapenos. If they are the same, you might still be able to add the green chilies, and serve the jalapenos on the side as you have mentioned.

I hope this helps. Let me know how you like it! :) Have a blessed day!!

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Hope your beautiful linens and sweet roses got you through your dark and gloomy weekend and that Monday (or is it Tuesday for you already??!) has dawned bright and sweet for you!

CIELO said...

How beautiful... and such precious treasures with so much sentimental values... Thanks for sharing, Rosy...

Have a blessed weekend, don't get the clouds get you down, think about your beautiful rose garden in full bloom. :)