Friday, June 06, 2008

Cute Thing

It's been nearly a year since our cat Leo went missing. These photos when he was a kitty make me miss him.........
Wasn't he cute? He was always "caught" sleeping, always in postures that made us chuckle, he was a baby afterall..........This time he was awake.............But only to tuck himself in again...........shhhhhh, the baby needs lots of sleep!Thanks for letting me share these fond memories of Leo, hope you enjoyed the precious photos. Have a fantastic weekend filled with small things that make you happy, dear bloggers and sweet friends.


Ivory Spring said...

Hi Rosy,

That's a touching post. Leo did have very interesting poses. :)

Thanks for the lovely comment you had left on my quilt! :)

Have a wonderful weekend yourself!

Diana Lyn said...

Hi Rosy, How beautiful, your sweet Leo is darling and you have fond memories of him, our animals are so precious to us aren't they! I love my little puglets so much, they are my life! Well maybe not my whole life but a big part of it, I need to do a post on them! Have a blessed weekend! Hugs Diana Lyn

Alison Gibbs said...

So sorry to hear how much you miss your dear Leo. The work their way deep into our heart.
Such lovely photos and memories of him

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Sweet, sweet Leo. Four legged critters just paw their way right into our hearts and always stay there.