Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rain, rain, don't go to Spain!

Beautiful St. Cecilias, beautiful from all angles. And no, the rain didn't kill their lovely strong fragrance either!

Yesterday was a drippy wet day for us here, but I was rejoicing, I didn't want it to stop. Made me think of the nursery rhyme everyone is familiar with "Rain, rain go away, come again another day, little Suzie/Johnny wants to play, rain rain go to Spain........." No, I didn't want it to go to Spain, I wanted it to remain, so I could play in the rain............again.........(How's that for a variation?!)
Our babe Belle, is she cute or what? (In the background , picture above)Summer rain is indeed beautiful, refreshing and a relief when it had been hot and dry and it felt like nothing was quite right until it rained. The rain showers yesterday brought a breath of fresh air, it was good soaking rain throughout the day and you should've seen how happy my garden was as well.This rain has been anticipated for many days before it finally came and was received with great joy. The temperature plunged while the earth soaked up all that much needed moisture, we even had hail, but nobody minded at all.And these photos below were taken a few days before.
And this rose aptly named "Busy Bee". Time really flies and it's Friday already. I hope all of you lovely readers will have a tremendous weekend, till next time, ciao!


NAME: CIELO said...

Hi, my friend... I just found your blog and I'm in awe! As a rose lover myself, I just can't savour these photos enough... they are gorgeous; just lovely. Is this your garden???? Come, visit me at my House in the roses"--we'll have some tea. So nice meeting you!


NAME: CIELO said...

Hi again! I just had to come back to tell you that I am adding you to my list of "charming sites" so I can come often and see your beautiful roses.... my goodness, is like paradise!



Linda said...

Oh wow once again your rose photos are beautiful. I love to walk in the garden when it is raining (only gently of cause) if I listen carefully enough I can feel the garden singing to me.
Cheers Linda

Angela Louise said...

I'm so glad that your beautiful garden has had the relief of rain. After all the drought we had I'm always scared that the rain won't be back for a long time so I'm with you when you say about wanting it to stay. I still can't get over the sheer abundance of roses and other flowers you have in your is a real credit to you. Unfortunately the grasshoppers are so bad at the moment that a lot of mine are getting eaten in the bud stage. Being totally an organic gardener it is very hard to keep up with squashing them. Something that I don't relish doing but they manage to get me mad enough that sometimes I do it with the utmost pleasure.
Hope your rain is still hanging aroud and the temperature is kind to you, Angela.

Mia said...

Your roses, and your photos of them, are just amazing! You obviously love roses (as do I) and have a talent for growing and photographing them. And I can truly appreciate the significance of rain in your climate (my sister lives in Sydney and she is always so happy for whatever rain her garden and roses can get. I have visited her several times, and I tend to enjoy the sun and the blue sky more...)

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. And I am so pleased to have found yours!

Anonymous said...

Your roses are so beautiful. Mine aren't flowering at all. It's too dry. Sob.