Monday, January 28, 2008

Australia Day Celebration

We had a fantabulous Australia Day celebration. We were invited to our friends' house in the hills for a swim and BBQ. The couple who invited us are close to us and they also had other couples who are our mutual friends there. So it was a real enjoyable time getting together.
After dinner, we watched the Skyshow (fireworks) from their house, it was beautiful, well-planned and special with music (radio tuned in to the right station) co-ordinated to the fireworks. Traditionally people would go down to the shores of the Swan River and Kings Park and the surrounding areas(which many still do) for a BBQ picnic and outdoors relaxation and then when night falls, they'd watch the Skyshow and then go home.Our climax for the day however didn't finish with the Skyshow coming to an end, we saw a powerpoint presentation prepared by hubby. He used old photos we've collected over the years of our friends who were there that night and made a special presentation with captions, wordings and music, we all enjoyed reminiscing about old times and all that we did together, the precious memories we shared and it reminded us that the friendship we have is truly priceless, not to mention how much everybody(including all offsprings present) got excited looking at the old photos, talking and commenting on them while remembering more details. It was such a good laugh as well. All in all, we had such a fantastic time and believe it or not, I didn't take any photos that day at all, I just wanted to relax and soak in all the good memories with my eyes and other senses........... and hope I'll remember this day many years later...............


Mary said...

Hi there,
I just found you through Mia's Landliv, and had to tell you how much I enjoyed all your beautiful pictures! It is cold and rainy here in New Jersey (USA) today, and your roses are truly a sight for sore eyes. :)

I'll be back often to enjoy your lovely decorating and garden!

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi - those memories are so precious, good times with friends and just soaking it all in is the best ever. And of course your roses are THE BEST as usual, just divine, Mel xxx

Charlotte said...

Roses, roses. How I love them, especially pink roses. I've enjoyed looking at all the beautiful pictures on your blog.
Blessings to you.