Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's all about timing!

I was trying to time it just right so that the majority of the rose bushes would flower when my rosy friend and her husband visit us here in early March. So I did the pruning and deadheading two to three weeks ago estimating by the time they arrive two weeks from now, it should be the right time for their beautiful blooms en masse.However, that was theoretically speaking and one can only plan so much, but one can never control what the weather would do. The last two weeks were so perfect, maximum temperatures in the twenties, so much so that it fooled me into thinking it was going to continue like that and everything was going like clockwork. But alas, come this week, everything has changed. It's been scorching hot and I'm frantically trying to ward off the heat from my roses by giving them extra water. It seems to do the trick, even though a very time consuming task. With the extra heat and water, the roses speed right up with their flowering so much more, and you can imagine me trying to tell them to slow down. Many of them look like they'll just go ahead and burst into flowers the next few days, while some already have. That goes to show how little power I have over these roses and there's only so much I can do to control their cycles. Sigh!



I sooooooo luv your roses, everytime I stop by I just seem to stay and look for ages... I want a garden like yours, what are your fav's and which are the easiest to grow??? Wonderful pics as usual...

CIELO said...

Good morning! Lovely lovely garden! I saw your comment on my blog, but I haven't seen your email; I fact, I was waiting to hear from you. Let me know, please...

Happy day to you

Alison Gibbs said...

Your roses are so beautiful.
It is so hard when you try and do that for a special occassion. In my last home a few years ago we had a wedding and the roses were pruned to flower the week of the wedding. But when did they all bloom.? The week after - the weather is so unpredictable.

Anonymous said...

Oh.. you DID tell your roses to slow down!!!
Wow, you do have a way to talk to roses.You do speak rosy language, haha. But weather is not what men can control, well, even if I didn't get to see blunch of roses, I know I definately will have fun knowing more knowledges of roses from you and meeting you guys.
Simply Roses

Gail McCormack said...

I'm in love with your roses!, so many different varieties, colours, frangrances too I should imagine, I'd be just happy to have them at anytime of the year, it must be hard to try and control when they bloom, special with our crazy Australian weather. If you lived near me I'd be over begging for a bunch of roses from your beautiful garden, thanks so much for sharing them on your blog

Anonymous said...

Your roses look wonderful as always.

Do you have water restrictions at your place, or maybe a tank? Only a few of my roses are flowering at all this year. It seems that tlc without water is simply not enough:-(


Trisha said...

The photos of your roses are breathtaking! I have bookmarked your blog to visit often to admire. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration.


Joyce said...

Good Heavens!!! Your roses are GREAT!! I love them. And they are everywhere. HA! This is my first visit to your site. I saw your name mentioned on "Our Red House"...looks like the heat over there is working for the roses though.
Thanks for the beautiful photos.

Regina said...

What a beautiful garden.I love roses,
too.I will back again!
Happy Easter