Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm back, finally!

Hi, friends, how are you all doing? I hope you are all well and having a good day. I know I've been away for way too long, I've missed you all. The last thing I posted was about the juniour bridesmaids' night dresses I was making. I'm glad to say that I ended up finishing them two weeks before the wedding, which was a relief. I included a little snippet of a photo here to show you one of the dresses. I ended up doing A-line dresses instead of pleated round the waist simply because the style suited better. The sash was a satin ribbon. The fabric flower brooches were white when I bought them, I couldn't find the right size and right look in that light mauve colour, so I decided to paint them myself, seeing that those white ones were just right in shape and size. I simply used an acrylic craft paint and it worked fine. I don't know what it will do if I wash it, but it hasn't needed a wash yet, and the wedding is over now. Oh, talking about the wedding, it was a beautiful wedding, we had a great time.No, I don't have any roses now because we are in the middle of winter and they have all been pruned. But these were the roses I put in jars ready to give to my friends a while back. I just thought I'd share them with you. Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friends.


Alison said...

Nice to see you back in blogland.
Cute dress and what a great idea to paint the rose.
Soon Spring will be upon us and your roses will once more be blooming and as gorgeous as ever

Deb said...

Welcome back. The junior bridesmaid dresses were lovely. Clever you.

maría cecilia said...

I´m so happy to see your soooo beautiful roses again, good you have kept some pictures from the season!!!
Your dress is absolutely lovely, a great job!!!
Hope you post again soon, I´ll be waiting...
maria cecilia

John'aLee said...

Oh my I love your blog! I am a fanatic about the kinds of roses you love! I used to have 2 1/2 acres an hour outside of Las Vegas where I had over 200 rose bushes. How I miss those days.
Your blog is out of this world. I couldn't help but smile when I pulled up your page. I just wanted to dive into the computer and come visit you for a spell!

baysiderose said...

Welcome back to blogging and I look forward to more of your amazing posts!

Rosy said...

It is a joy you have back so we can continue to enjoy yours wonderful pictures, I love your blog! Welcome

María said...

Welcome again,
I love this dress, my daugther has just one like it. =)

Donna Lynn said...

Glad your back, I haven't made a comment in a bit, but have checked in! Love the dresses you made, darling.
Donna Lynn