Friday, August 20, 2010

Changes in the Reading Nook

Hi, dear friends, happy Friday.
Have you had a good week?
Today I'll show you some changes I made to our reading nook in our home.
This space has become a nook that my family and I often read and chat in,
it's a space that runs off the informal dining area,
so it seems to function as the area where we often hang around.
These below are the "BEFORE" photos,
Not that there was anything wrong with the "BEFORE",
but I've always thought I'd like to tweak the display on the buffet when I get time to,
and with what I've already got on hand.
I finally did,
and I made some inexpensive changes with some of the forgotten things and craft projects I already had hidden away in the cupboards.
It was good clean out day as well!
BEFORE: Mostly white, more mellow and softAFTER : Add black, more character, accent and definition

I like the way the black pops in this scheme,
I got the letter "E" from a craft store for a few dollars,
it was papier macher and I painted it with black satin acrylic paint.
The picture frame was an old wood coloured one,
I painted the frame black as well.
The random alphabets in the frame is like the eyechart at the optometrist.
My children's eyes were quick and they very quickly read what it said,
I was slow and thought they were just random alphabets put together.
It actually said " Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance".
What? That means don't work hard?
Ah well, it's supposed to be humorous, right?
The print of the silhouette is stuck onto a block of wood which I've had for ages,
which I also painted black.
The numbers "2" and "8" are wood and painted black,
also bought from a craft store.
I added some old books which I covered with coffee stained papers to match the colour of the clock,
and black and white papers,
I like the stacked-up-books-look.
Some I left them in their original covers for contrast.
The glass jar with shells is from my son's room,
he was cleaning out and he didn't want that anymore.
The two candlesticks are old ones that I painted and distressed,
moved from the living room.
So there you have it,
a little transformation in the reading nook,
which I enjoyed putting together.
I think it fits with the overall look of this space too,
don't you think?Alrighty, I will leave you here,
have a great weekend,
till next time.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

It's lovely, the black makes a great accent :)

Anonymous said...

The little re-shuffle looks great, the black accents you added really do make everything stand out and look even more beautiful! I imagine that would be a lovely spot to relax and read... enjoy!
Flick x

Alison said...

It's amazing the difference just changing over a few things can make. Loving the new look

maría cecilia said...

yes, the light change you made has add definition to your spot, as you said, and it turned out very lovely.... anyway, I like your home so much in any ways you choose to decorate!!!
I like so much coming to visit you in your new posts, which I wait always!!!!
many hugs,
maria cecilia

María said...


Bev C said...

I love the eye reading chart,very cute and a great saying, Enjoy your weekend to.
Happy days.

Ivory Spring said...

Lovely! That "hardwork" quote is actually a quote from Ronald Reagan, if I remember correctly, or at least he had used it at one point.

June said...

Don't you love making little changes around the house? I love the little shots of black you have added. I love to rearrange in the's almost as good as a vacation.
Thank you so much for your visit to our little tea, and the sweet words you left.

Danielle said...

Your little nook looks great with the changes you made. Amazing how the black just adds that extra little something.
Danielle x

Carolyn said...

I love your reading nook-change is always fun.

I look forward to all your beautiful roses again.

Take care,