Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcoming Autumn

We're having absolutely beautiful weather at the moment, I've been enjoying being outdoors so much.
Jude the ObscureAnne Boelyn St. Cecilia Tamora Anne Boelyn Pink Simplicity in the front Abraham Darby Candy Cane treerose (pink), Gold Bunny (yellow)
Some roses are showing much larger blooms with more intense colours, I think they love the Autumn as well. Some of them are putting out long canes and having growth spurt, so I'd better make it snappy to go and give them a trim to keep them tidy so they'll give me more flowers rather than looking like octopuses with no flowers. Have a lovely day, won't you?
Abraham Darby The Dark Lady Abraham Darby


Sandra said...

Beeaaauuuutiful!! I love roses!!
Your roses are breathtaking! I can almost smell the scent from each one:) Thank you so much for sharing your pics. I love'em:) Have a wonderful day.

Tracy said...

Roses are the ultimate garden beauties! I love your pictures... :)

melontha said...

Hi Rosy,

the roses are beautiful and again the beautiful weather, it can hardly believe it. With us, it is 5 degrees and the snow has just thawed. I have the first pictures of spring flowers and Easter decoration made. I hope we will soon be warmer.

Enjoy your beautiful garden, lovely greetings Melontha

Roses at Wedgwood House and Gardens said...

Hi Rosie, They are all beautiful roses and great photography. I remember how much we enjoyed our own roses last September, which is equivelant to your time of the year now and how true the colours are always so much more vivid. I wrote a response to your last post last evening and sometimes late at night I do not pay too much attention as I somehow do not complete the upload. Anyway, I will repeat again how I loved those plaques of the cups and sauces such a pretty design on them, I was wondering how you would end up displaying them in your home. I am sure, you will do it just right! :) Enjoyed the rest of the pictures there too. Thanks for sharing.

Pink Slippers said...

Just beautiful.
I was away for a few days and came home to a garden filled with rose blooms. I am currently watering everyone to reward their beauty.

Cottage Rose said...

I really love love all the Rose photos, you have some beautiful ones. I love all the pink, I need some pink roses in my yard....


debi @ life in my studio said...

We STILL have snow thank you for that dose of rose beauty!! I needed that!

Anonymous said...

Stunning. I am going to be planting my first plant on my husbands first day off. A gift, lilac tree, and i'm so excited. Your roses are stunning. I will be selecting some of those very soon as well. Pink if you please.. soft pink!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am in heaven again! I got my daily fill of your beautiful roses! How I wish we could grow English roses as splendidly as you.

I adore all your pink roses. Thank you for sharing.

Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely, as always!!!

Ariadone said...

Girl, was I confused ! You: welcoming autumn, me: welcoming spring.
Then I saw you are in Australia.
Sweet greetings to you. I adore your blog and all your beautiful pictures and roses.
Please also visit my friend Tracy, of whom you find an kind comment here also.
Godeliva in The Nehterlands

Anonymous said...

It's magic to stop by your blog. You make me dream. I love roses particularly the old ones.o:)

Joanne said...

Hi I love your roses and the photography I must upload some of mine onto my blog. I will be back for more. I tend to go for the paler pink roses and had to be firm with myself recently and when there was no Mary rose which I was looking to buy in memory of a dear friend, i decided on Falstaff it has such a deep colour so will contrast nicely. I too am a lover of David Austin English roses.

Alison Gibbs said...

How beautiful the roses are. Autumn is such a wonderful time - cool crisp mornings followed by wonderful afternoons