Monday, October 20, 2008

Everyday's Excitement

Everyday brings excitement in the Spring garden, as more buds reveal themselves in blooms. Last year it was around this time my last camera went dead, I missed out on photographing the Spring flush. So this year I'll make up for it, haha!
Pierre de Ronsard (Eden Rose) Weeping Tree Rose
The back garden is starting to put on a show of colours, There's something about pink and yellow together in a garden that I love. Some might think they are clashing colours, but I just love them together. They make each other whole, maybe that's why.
I love going into the garden everyday and find beautiful, pleasant surprises, pleasant surprises like when you go shopping you decide on something which is reduced in price and decide to get it, and when you get to the check-out, you find out that it's reduced even more and you pay next to nothing for it. We all love surprises like that, don't we? Anyway, I'm going off the subject. Have yourself a wonderful week, my dear lovely Blogville friends.
This one below is Candy Cane Weeping Tree Rose, you can't see very well in this picture, the flowers actually have white streaks on them. Radio Times (David Austin)


Marilyn said...

hi Rosy.. I live in NSW and am keen on the blogs I spend hours looking at. Yours is spectacular. I am new to posting..I also have set up a blog but its in its very early stage. I am just in awe of your garden and your creativity. If I can work out how to follow your blog I Marilyn

Victoria Lynn said...

Wow, simply amazing! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your beautiful Spring!
Victoria Lynn

Ivory Spring said...

Ooooooo - I LOVE the view from your kitchen window overlooking those glorious roses!!! I might just invite myself and move in with your family! ;)


Anonymous said...

It's lovely to hear from you, Rosy! I enjoyed your "no eggs either" comment! Apparently, there are only about 70 that were ever made, and not all had survived to the present.

Sharon Kay said...

You have a beautiful garden, I can all most smell the flowers. The roses are so pretty. I am pulling my flowers out in the cool state of Ohio, so I will walk in your garden with you. Thanks for the lovely walk and I will be back soon.