Thursday, July 17, 2008

The "Secret" Revealed

Thank you for all your patience and anticipation, I know it's been quite a long wait. The "secret" can finally be revealed now. Drum roll..............I hope I haven't hyped you up so much that when you see what it is, you're going to think, "What? Is that all?" Anyhow, let me explain. The reason why I couldn't show you these rosy photos two posts ago was I'd included this painted wooden plaque in the photos. You see, I painted and distressed the plaque and it was to be sent to my dear friend overseas as a surprise for her birthday. I had to wait till she's received it to post these photos, or she'd see it here. So there you go, here are the rosy photos I couldn't show you until now. By the way, my friend's finally got the gift safe and sound, phew! A sigh of relief!!


Ivory Spring said...

Hahaha... Rosy, believe it or not, I have checked your blog just about every time I got online to make sure I hadn't missed your new post! :)

What a sweet plaque and gift... I am sure your friend was thrilled to receive it in the mail. Love all the pictures!

Alison Gibbs said...

What a beautiful gift.
It looks wonderful photographed with your beautiful roses

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Rosy,

No, I was not disappointed AT ALL - I think the plaque added so much to your rose pictures!!! And the rose garland you have patined on the plaque looks simply delightful to the eyes!

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Rosy,

Hahaha... I know what you mean. Guests mostly don't quite know what to think of me when they walk into our house and still see Christmas things being up in January. You see, I actually spend most of December putting up decorations. I do a little each day, and I normally aren't finished till Christmas Eve. So, I feel like I have to leave the things up for a bit for me to actually enjoy the decorations in my leisure. Plus, it is absolutely dead and dreary outside in Jan/Feb - grass is dead, most trees are bald... I feel like at least I can keep the cheer indoors with my Christmas decorations. I do make sure my stuff is taken down before Valentine's Day though. Hahaha.

Have a great weekend!

Ivory Spring said...

I am definitely sending WARM thoughts your way -- yesterday was scorching over here!!! The rose blooms are looking like they need a hairdo because of the heat.

I like a mild cold, but like you, I am not a big fan of the cold cold weather. But over here, the cold cold weather normally starts in late Nov and would persist way into March or sometimes even April. The only good thing that I see is that we can enjoy warm foods like stew or Chinese dumplings.

CIELO said...

Lovely.... I bet your friend was delighted!


Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

A handmade gift, sent from the heart, is cherished above all, and it was WELL worth the wait to see the love, care and creativity you put into your beautiful gift.

And of course, your ROSES are as always ASTOUNDING! You have not a green thumb, dear Rosie, but ten green fingers and ten green toes, and probably a green nose!