Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beauty around us

No, it's not quite time to reveal what I promised you in the last post yet, please please please bear with me , it won't be long.
However in the mean time, these are some things I saw the other day when I was in town. Are we a city of sculptures here? I have to say I love these though, they are good healthy looking ones, not abstract and weird ones, don't you agree? As for the top picture, I just love vintage looking architecture, so much so that I really dislike the modern looking ones. Which style do you like best in architecture? Have a lovely weekend, hope you'll see some interesting things around you.


CIELO said...

Hurry! Hurry! :)


Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Fabulous sculptures.

I can't write any more -- I have to rush off and see what you wrote promising us in the last post.

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Rosy,

Definitely the old looking/vintage/traditional architecture for this gal! :) For some reason, I just always get the impression that the traditional style has more details to captivate the observer.

Ivory Spring said...

Hahaha, Rosy,

I love your analysis about my "love/lack of love" relationship with furry animals. I got a good laugh over that one! :)

Oh.... by the way, I simply cannot wait any longer on the much anticipated post!!

Anonymous said...

I love the roo sculptures and also the men walking with their phones. I think they are very comical.

Is that top pic. the uni of WA. I went to a conference there once and loved the peacocks walking across the lawns.


Kelli - Vintage Vavoom said...

I also love old architecture...there's just something about it that told you they took their time and wanted it to be really beautiful.

Can't wait ti see what your secret is!


Ivory Spring said...

Hi Rosy,

How interesting it is to me that "Christmas in July" REALLY happens!! I find that fascinating. :)

Rosy said...

The Red House:

The top pic wasn't at UWA, it was one of the buildings in St.George's Terrace. I don't think the men were walking with their phones, they were supposed to be men from another era and they didn't have mobile phones in those days.

Rosy said...

Typo: The Red House, should be Our Red House