Saturday, April 26, 2008

Savoury Crepe with all the goodies

Here is a simple one for lunch, brunch or even dinner. My kids simply love crepes. I learnt how to make crepes for the whole family when I was around ten. We used to have them for breakfast with jam. So I don't have a set recipe as such when I make crepes, I simply mix self-raising flour with eggs, water and a bit of milk to get the consistency and amount I want, crepe batter is usually a bit runnier than pancake batter. You also make crepes thinner than you normally would pancakes. Then to top your crepe, you can use all sorts of meat and vegies. Some people roll it all up, but I eat it flat and open with all the goodies heaped on it. I used lettuce, cooked fresh mushrooms, sweet corn, tuna and a bit of mayonnaise and heaps of cracked black pepper. Well, after having savoury crepes, my kids made their favourite sweet one topped with chocolate topping and icing sugar. I let them as that is truly delicious, I know, I say it's not as healthy, but I graciously let them have it as a dessert. Have a yummy weekend, hope you get to cook...........crepes.


A Woman Who is: said...

Okay I just scrolled down through your entire blog...I am stunned! Such gorgeous roses. Are you kidding me? I am in a bit of heaven on earth. First of all thank you for your sweet comments. I have many more gardens to share!

I grow these very same roses, but have just started them in a brand new I am hoping this summer I will see some blooms. I love how you just stacked them over all over the place and photographed them. I can smell them they look so good.

Secondly, my daughter just moved to Perth. Scroll down the bottom of my page and you will see her send off and some Perth pic's. She is doing a YWAM DTS there. (Youth with a Mission) So I was delighted to see some of your pictures of the city. She lives right near a park called Kings Park I believe.

Oh the crepes look fabulous too by the way :0)

I have to go back and read all your tips on roses. I am still looking for three more preferably David Austin’s. What are you three fav’s?

Rosy Inspiration said...

a woman who is:

Ooh! It's always difficult for me to say which David Austins are my faves. But if I have to choose: I would say St. Cecilia(light pink), Radio Times(medium pink), Tamora(apricot), Golden Celebration for yellow, William Shakespeare 2000 for dark red and Winchester Cathedral for white.
Yeah, I read the part about your daughter after I posted that comment on your blog, I thought, "Wow! of all places".

Rosy Inspiration said...

a woman who is:

Oh! I don't know how I could've forgotten Abraham Darby, that's one of my faves too, with blooms in colours which are a cross between pink and apricot, and strong strong fragrance. absolutely delightful.

A Woman Who is: said...

Radio Times did catch my attention on your blog. Let's see Abraham Darby always drooped for me, the roses were sooooooo large they hung their heads down. I thought this one might do better on an arbor. The color is lusious.
Winchester Cathedral is on my list. I am growing her sisters Mary and Redoute for a second time around in this new garden. Great roses and thought W.C. probably has the same attributes. Golden Celebration was also on my list to consider for a yellow. I will really give your top four some thought, I am looking for another pink. Thanks for sharing your experience it means so much more than catalogue hoopla. I just planted W.S.2000 last summer, and I can't wait for him to take off. I love the strong color mixed in with all the more pastel hues.
So fun talking roses…I will get my list up on my blog one of these days.

Kelli - VintageVavoom said...

Mmmmmm...that looks delicious! I've never had a savory crepe before, just a dessert one..but I bet it would be so good.

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Rosy,

Great picture on the crepe! I am going to have to try making it one of these days! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I hope you received my email(?)...

Donna Lynn said...

Oh did those look yummy! Thanks for showing me those, now my stomach is growling! Help, I just ate too...
Love having a visit with you, always enjoy it so very much!
Donna Lynn