Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Romancing the Roses

I love Autumn, it's not too hot, not too cold. I especially love roses in Autumn, they are superb in shape, size, form and colour, they also keep forever on the bush. With the help of a bit of rain, and the not-so-harsh sunshine, they are happy to keep producing the more extraordinary than usual flowers at this time of the year.

English Rose Abraham Darby is definitely one of my favourites in terms of flower form. Sometimes it appears in pink, but most of the time it has an apricot shade. It has very strong perfume with loads of petals.Louise Odier is a very old variety, I think it was bred in 1850 if I remember right. It just loves flowering and the scent is simply superb, and strong.Tamora, also by David Austin, is a very good flowerer, I love her flower form, she always keeps her head up, which helps one notice her more amongst others.
Now, let's have some fun with them. The pale pink ones are St. Cecilias, they are in the most gorgeous soft pink in Autumn and I just feel like eating them.

It was a pleasure to photograph these pretties, as they wore the most pleasing perfumes and were very good and easy to work with. They simply sparkled!!!!


Donna Lynn said...

Your rose pictures are just so beautiful! I love anything rosy too! Your garden is amazing...I am still a rose gardener in training, our wet Washington State weather is so hard on them, black spot, rose rust and the list goes on! Tnank you for the inspiring pictures.
Donna Lynn

Ronda said...

Your photos are so beautiful, breathtaking and inspiring! Do you license them to painters? I would dearly love to paint some of your beauties! I've added you to my blog favorite links and will check back often. Thank you!

Warmest regards, Ronda

Donna Lynn said...

Who is Sharifa Asma? Will have to look that up! I love that cabinet, it is precious to me because my husband made it with such love!

I don't know anything about the rose photos, they are just some stock ones I found on Google...thanks for stopping by and visiting, I will add your blog to my side bar today!
Donna Lynn

Donna Lynn said...

AHHHH, it is a David Austin rose! Just looked it up, beautiful...I don't know many names of roses, I just get ones that are hardy and in the pink tones that I love. Our weather is really, really hard on roses. I have been fighting blackspot and rose rust for years, do you have any helpful hints?
Thanks so much if you do,
Donna Lynn

CIELO said...

Ahhhh, my heart is singing!....

Abraham Darby and David Austin are one of my favorites too, and they are on my "this year's list". We'll have to see how they do in this dry land... :)

West wishes...


Victoria Lynn said...

Wow...beautiful blog and photos! I found your blog through my friend Donna Lynn. Your roses are amazing! I love how you have photographed them. My roses are just little leaf buds on the stems right now. Hopefully it will warm up here in Washington State so the roses can grow. Your blog inspires me to be a better rose gardener! Blessings, Victoria Lynn

Kelli - VintageVavoom said...

Wow!! Your roses have left me breathless!! The pinks are just so gorgeous. You definitely have a special talent.

Thank you for sharing these gems.


Solange said...

Beautiful flowers, they look amazingly full, fresh and just so pretty. I always bring some roses back home on friday and then i really enjoy them for the week.

I wish you a nice day.

Ronda said...

Good morning! I sent you a message via your Flickr mail. I don't know if that comes to your email, too, or if you can just see it when you're on Flickr. Take a peek and tell me what you think. Have a rosy day! Ronda

claire.lai said...

that's real!?
so beautiful!!
planted your garden

Mary Ruth said...

I just love the pictures of roses you have on here! They are beautiful! I have more appreciation for them after seeing how you photograph them! Beautiful pictures and roses!