Monday, November 19, 2007

Roses are grand!

I've taken more pictures of guessed it..........Roses! I can't resist but try and capture their passing beauty by snapping away with the camera and hope to somehow catch and retain the beautiful memories they give.
There is definitely heaps to do in the garden at this time of the year, especially with spent rose blooms waiting to be deadheaded and fertiliser to be added. Someone asked me what particular kind of fertiliser I use, so for your information, girls, I use NPK Blue, which should be available Australia-wide. I try to fertilise every six weeks in their flowering seasons, time permitting. I also mulch with cow's manure. It's great for changing the condition of the soil over a period of time as we basically have sand here in WA.Below are pictures of my two-year-old Pierre de Ronsard weeping standard rose.And here is our family room looking out to the back garden.


Simply Roses said...

How lovely your roses are. Hope it will be the right season to see them broom aboundently when we visit you guys next March.
Like your new arrangement of your blog, I can easily find what I'd like to read now.
Have a good day.

Mandi said...

divine as should be proud...

Anonymous said...

So pretty! You really do have a gift for both growing and photographing roses.