Saturday, October 06, 2007

Public Holiday (Part 2)

I hope I didn't make everyone wait too long. The weather has been so beautiful outside and the kids are on school holidays and so there has been very little opportunity for me to sit down in front of the computer. Well, here goes Part 2 of the great time we had which I promised in the last post. After spending a good while walking, relaxing (I confess I did have races with the kids, even though I couldn't possibly outrun them), talking, eating, and simply enjoying ourselves at the beach, we piled back into our car and headed for another destination which I call a spot for fail-proof-wonderful-time round late afternoon. There's actually nothing too unusual or unique about this place, just a leafy park with a lake and barbeque facilities like any other in WA. But we love going to this park in the late afternoon to feed the birds whenever we can. Various native birds including cockatoos, Twenty-eights (a kind of bright green coloured parrot), pink and grey Galahs, ducks, geese, pigeons and kangaroos come out to be fed and you can get right up close to them while they feed. Kids simply love it and it's a very good place to take overseas tourists too.So what we usually do is we ready ourselves with Sunflower seeds (they are the birdies' favourite, as they are the secret to attracting them to yourself), spread our arms out with seeds in the palm of our hands and stand still, the birds will land on your hands to feed. Sometimes they do land on your head and shoulders as well. It's a general feeling everybody desires a Twenty-eight (or two) to land on their hands most, as they are the most colourful and beautiful birds and everybody wants a photo with them.My son nicknamed the white cockatoos "Crabsticks" as their beaks are like crab claws and the orangey patches on their white feathers are the colour of crabsticks. Kids are not too fond of feeding them as they are a heavier bird and their claws and beaks sink deep into their skin and they hurt. They are beautiful nonetheless.We stayed at the park till after sunset. We also saw kangaroos including mama kangaroos with their joeys in their pouch. I was busy taking birds' pictures I missed the roos altogether. We were having such a great time the kids didn't want to leave, it was lovely being surrounded by birds and animals. In the end they reluctantly said goodbye to the place because it was getting too dark. We'll no doubt make sure we go back there again some time in the near future. It was one of those days everybody agrees they had such a memorable, pleasant and enjoyable day when the day is done.


Simply Roses said...

Hey, I remember this place, Kangroo park, right?

Rosy Inspiration said...

Funny how you remember it as Kangaroo park, we've always nicknamed it Birds Park, it's got a proper name which is named after a person, I simply can't remember it now.

Simply Roses said...

Haha, I guess it's because I remember that Trevor mentioned about the park with lots of kangroos, and they're sure impressive when you see bunch of real ones jumping right in front of your eyes. We still keep the pics of Trevor feeding the birds.
Good memories with friends.