Sunday, June 24, 2007

In Memory of Leo

(Picture 1): Handsome Leo only one day before he went missing. I wouldn't have guessed this would be the last time he'd pose for my pictures. (Picture 2): The kids petting "Socks"(Notice the socks on his feet?)
Still no sign of Leo, not a meow..... "Socks" has been here everyday and his affection has been a comfort to us to a certain extent. He's not our cat, but he's made this his second home. We are reminded of Leo by all the small details of everyday life and realise he had become such an intimate part of our lives and very much a part of this family. The kids miss having him sleep with them at night. He used to take turns to sleep on each of their quilt during the night and he always looked most content doing that. There's the cupboard out in the garage he climbed up and sat looking like he was the "King of the Castle". All his favourite nap spots in the house, his scratching post, his snooze buddy TJ, his litter tray which he seldom used unless he had to. If there's any lesson to learn here, it is not to take anyone/anything for granted, one day they might be here, they might not be the next.

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