Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Friends are Kisses blown to us by Angels" - Author unknown

These pictures are of all sorts of English Roses from my garden. My life has no doubt been enriched by friends who care these few days. These friends are like beautiful roses in my garden which I constantly admire. Someone once said, "A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart." I'm grateful and privileged that my friends have inspired me to be a friend myself. Last night many dreams were in my sleep, all of them had a "feline" theme. In one of the dreams there was a large mob of cats striding toward our door, but as I quickly scanned, none of them resembled Leo. Another one was of a skinny sickly looking ginger cat with ridges on its back walking archedly toward me. In my dream I recognised this wasn't Leo either. There were myriads of other shorter and not-so-memorable dreams filling my sleep. Well, I must've been thinking of Leo, our cat, for quite a bit before I fell asleep. You see, our cat didn't come home all day yesterday and we fear the worst for him, even though we also remain hopeful that he'll just turn up on our doorstep again. People say it's not unusual for cats to go "walk-about" for two days and then come home. It is, however, out of Leo's character to not come home intermittently during the day for his naps and food. We have put LOST signs up for him around the neighbourhood and this morning I got a phonecall, but this cat found is our Leo's best friend in this area. He is also ginger and white, but less white on the chest than Leo. He has the cutest white feet and we don't know his name, we call him "Socks". He lives nearby and he comes to play "fights" with Leo everyday. Yesterday with Leo's absence, he appeared so lonesome and he was obviously looking for Leo and waiting patiently on our doormat outside. He sniffed around Leo's blanketed box. Today he came again, jumped over our gate and sat on the mat waiting. I felt so sorry for the lil' fella and helpless I couldn't pull Leo out of the hat just like that for him. His display of friendship really inspired me.
Above are "Perfumed Perfection" roses (mauve) (with reddish pink Elmshorn showing through) in my front garden.

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Mandi said...

Am so sad to read about your leo....ihope he's okay wherever he is....