Thursday, March 29, 2012

Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs

I read this blog post on dyeing eggs using fruits and vegetables and natural foods and so I thought I would experiment to see where they would lead.
In Australia most eggs are brown, so in order to strip the eggs off of the brown pigmentation, you simply boil the eggs in white vinegar till the brown comes off, or if it doesn't, you will see that it becomes a slippery film and you can just rub with your fingers under cold running water, it rubs off easily to reveal white shells.
I hard-boiled my eggs in water before I did the brown-pigmentation-stripping because that way you don't risk the eggs breaking.
I have to say I had so much fun experimenting. Some of the eggs turned out a bit speckled because I didn't leave them in the fridge overnight, I only left them in for a few hours; but that's part of the experiement, and I like the speckled/uneven look as well.

I set them up with some egg cups with tealight candles and egg shells, and a genuine abandoned bird's nest with sugar-shelled choc eggs in a glass cloche pedestal set, all so very eggy themed!
More pictures........

How about some pictures with roses?
Roses are a bit shy there, let's see if they will "come out of their shells" a bit more.......
Well, getting better.........
Yes, much better, but a bit sideways-ish........
Now that's great! More?

And this was supposed to be a post on Easter Eggs Natural Dyes Experiment!!!!
Guess what happened to the eggs afterwards?

Yummmmm! And neither the dyes nor the boiling in white vinegar affect the eggs or the taste one bit! Have an awesome Easter, dear friends.


Ana Paula A. Serafim said...

Oi querida, sou do Brasil. Adorei seu blog, suas rosas são maravilhosas!!! Bjs, Ana


SABINE said...

SO NICE!!!!!!!!!
du hast die schönsten rosen auf der welt.
liebe grüsse sabine