Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roses in Winter

Hi, how are you all doing? Hope you are having a good week.
Some ladies have asked me why I still have roses in the middle of winter.
The reason is our winter is reasonably mild and there's been sunshine even though there has been dark and cloudy rainy days.
I think the combination of sunshine and water is a pretty good recipe for flowers.
I have been bringing them in for the vases.
Things are still green outside, not as many flowers though.
I've been blessed with all these roses. This one below is called China Doll, I have it as a Tree Rose. It always has multiple blooms on each single branch , never just single flower or two.
You can see it clearer here.

Some more photos, hope you like them.........
Till next time! Have a great week!


Rosabella said...

so beautiful ... I love it ♥

millefeuilles said...

Stunning photographs. These roses - and their poetical names - must fill you with so much joy.

Have a wonderful week.

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

I always look forward to your posts :) Best wishes, Gillian

Magnolia Blues said...

I adore roses. They are my absolute favorite. I'm thinking of planting yellow and pink rose bushes in my yard. However, I've heard they are high maintance. Do you have any suggestions on what type have worked well for you?

het tuinengeltje said...


what a treat your photo's....!
Beautifull. I will follow you.

Greetings from Amsterdam!

Alison Gibbs said...

Such beautiful blooms. Our Winter here on the Mornington peninsula has been the harshest for a while, so not many roses for me

Anonymous said...

My goodness... i have posted on this blog before... but it just keeps getting better and better!
Those blooms are amazing and the way you decorat with the roses is truly amazing... my favourite blog to visit by far!!! please keep posting xxx

Cydney said...

Beautiful absolutely beautiful! Bet the fragrance is amazing~

Gartenmalereien said...

How wunderful pictures
Thanks for showing in this time where we all wait till spring comes...
greetings from Switzerland