Friday, May 20, 2011

A bouquet for a family

It's been raining cats and dogs here, it's really good because we need the rain so much.
Yesterday there was a break from the rain and I gathered these roses from the garden as part of our gifts for a family as we were invited over for dinner.
The Perfumed Perfections (purply/mauve ones) are showing off their colour and fragrance to the fullest at the moment, and since the lady of that family loves purple, I thought they would be perfect for her.
I mixed in peach and pink roses to make the bouquet more interesting and here are some photos to show you.
The joint forces of fragrances nearly knocked me out!

There's something special about the colour purple, especially on roses.

Here's the more peachy side..................
And here's the more purply side..............
I pulled out my little collection of heirloom doilies from my mum and started looking through them.
I keep them in those round boxes which used to be for cup and saucer sets.
Look, a purple crocheted doily, perfect!

It's still raining now as I write, I'd better go get some more roses in before the rain damages them.
We have company tonight.
Have a lovely lovely weekend, won't you? Bye for now.


Bev C said...


Oh there is nothing like the perfume of roses. Love the purple crochet. I have a friend who loves all things purple. It is raining here to which is just so great.
Happy days.

Atelier de Charo said...

Love the pretty doily and of course the gorgeous roses!

DANI said...

Lovely bouqet ! Your roses are a dream !I would like to wake up in the morning, with something like this in front of my eyes...

Carolyn said...

Love the purple crochet. Your roses are really a dream!

Silver MLM

luv2decorate said...

Absolutely dreamy! How lovely the scent must be. I wish it would rain here, The garden needs a nice soaking.

Have a lovely weekend ~ Marie

June said...

I have never seen roses as beautiful as yours anywhere before. You are so blessed to live in the climate that you do to have such gorgeous blooms all around you. I love it when you share these amazing photos with us! The purple roses are so lovely.
hugs from here...

Sandra said...

The doily is so pretty but the roses are so gorgeous. The colours are so beautiful in the photos but it must be amazing to have them growing in your garden or sitting in a vase in your home. said...


Your Roses!!!!

Lana In Italy

Shel said...

I have just discovered your awesome fact..I never seen such beauty.
I'm your newest follower if you don't mind.