Monday, October 11, 2010

Spring Buzz In My Garden

Many have asked me how it could be Springtime here when their world is all Fall and Winter approaching. The answer is we live on a globe that has two hemispheres, that's why. So it's Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, and Autumn in the N0rth. Australia where I live happens to be in the Southern Hemisphere. These pictures of my garden (below) were taken last week. And these below were taken today. It's amazing how much difference one week makes. Spring really brings buzzing new life, doesn't it? Hope you enjoyed these garden pictures, enjoy your season, wherever you are.


Jacqui said...

I love your Spring garden, thank you for posting. We are all brown and red leaves, but there ya go!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Have a beautiful spring and can't wait to see your garden again. Here in my garden (so. California) my roses had their best year. I'm not sure if it was due to use not have a hot summer but what every it was they really gave a wonderful performance. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden. Have a great day.

Bev C said...

Spring is such a great time for the gardens here. The ladybirds have arrived which is even better.
Happy gardening.

maría cecilia said...

Oh, your beautiful roses are blooming again, how lovely!!!... I have to wait a little bit more (I´m from south hemisphere too) than you due to I live up in the mountains so it´s little bit colder here... but soon they will arrive!!
Vitadinias are always so lovely!!
maria cecilia

Anonymous said...

I too often get asked about why I am writing about spring, is my blog out of date etc. We in the Southern Hemisphere are well aware of the Northern seasons but I am afraid that they are often sadly ignorant about us.


Ivory Spring said...

Your garden is definitely a-buzzing! :)