Friday, October 16, 2009

Spring the Sweetly Scented Spectacular Season................

.......... and I love it, even though I have a blocked nose due to a bad cold and cough, I can still 'S'mell the roses. Yesterday while looking at them, I couldn't help but had to cut some to bring inside the house. The blooms are huge this Spring. Here they are, ATTENTION! They are all lined up neat and straight. The pinks together. What would it be like to lie in this 'S'oft, 'S'cented bed of rose petals? Out in the garden, the lavenders are also sending out their 'S'ensational 'S'cents, Lavenders do so well here, they can almost be like weeds if we're not careful. Have a 'S'upa-dupa weekend, everyone!


maria cecilia said...

oh my god!!! I love, love, love your roses... and the way you displayed them... and the pictures...everything here is so beautiful... thanks so much for inspiring my sweet dreams tonight, I was just about to go to sleep.
I can´t wait for my roses to bloom!!
maría cecilia, from Chile

SimplyRoses said...

My oh my, beautiful as usual. I guess I'll never get tired of your roses.Matt got a bad cough started the next day of the revival meeting. He's fine now only having a little bit running nose. Hope you get well soon.
Thanks for coming here, you guys coming is a blessing and refreshment.
God bless

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Your home and your roses are so gorgeous!! I have a metal bench like your white one, only mine is light green~ I think I like your white one better!

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Stunning!! Totally !!
Thank you :)

Federica said...

Oh My Oh My!!!! Amazing!!! Congrats! Your house looks gorgeous and these flowers are wonderful!!

Fleurette said...

Hello, your roses are amazing, very amazing!!!!
Greetings from prague
Nice a have day

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

It seems so strange that it is spring there and we are in the throes of Autumn here! Your roses are always so lovely....nice to see some "pink"!~Patti

Rita said...

What a pleasant surprise was comeing accross your blog. I got intribued by your blog name as I love ROSE, an unexplicable thing for roses, so I stop by every blog tht has something to do with roses.
Your pics are gorgeous. Love the way you displayed your roses in a harmony of colors blending one into the other... what else can I say: amazing!
I'd like to welcome you to visit my blog at
It'll be nice to meet you there. Meantime I'll become a follower of yours in order to be always updated on what is coming out, as I'm certain there always be will precious and inspiring things.
With warm wishes

Atelier de Charo said...

Great decoration with some beutiful roses!!!
The roses are amazing!!!

Danielle said...

What absolutely stunning photos. Love them all lined up like that. Danielle x

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

So pretty!! does your house smell like sweet roses all over? I am sure it does.
♥ Rebecca