Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Winter Roses

Hi, girls, how are things? Hope you are all doing well. We've had rain, hail and shine ( literally) here, so when it shines I had to seize the opportunity to quickly go out there and prune the roses. This year darling hubby is helping me which makes the load much lighter for me, He got me to teach him the how-to's and now I'm glad to say he's a confident rose pruner, isn't that great?These roses I saved from the pruned bushes were put in vases and glass jars for a few more days of fragrance and beauty, I just couldn't get myself to chuck them out. After this they'll rest for the winter........


Federica said...

Good morning Rosy,
everything is well here!

Congrats on your roses, they are always wonderful!

Have a nice day darling!

Anonymous said...

Truly lovely as usual!! Thanks for sharing :). Your husband sounds like a great guy - it's wonderful that the two of you can share the load :)! ~Jess

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

SUch amazing roses. I always wait for your beautiful posts.... x

Cyma said...

Really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I think I must purchase a rose book to learn about my roses and care for them tenderly. I have several bushes now but they are all young. I want to bring them back in force next year & each year there after. I like you, would grab and show no matter how short lived they may be.

Anonymous said...

I love your rosy inspiration. That make me dream... thank you.

Alison Gibbs said...

Great roses from your prunings. I will prune mine this weekend.
Come by my blog to enter my giveaway

Rose said...

Oi, tenho verdadeira adoração por esse blog.
E gostaria de pedir se poderia colocar um tradutor pois para mim e acredito para outros visitantes fica dificil de entender.
Se quiser no meu blog tem um muito bom do Google é só clicar na imagem e pegar.

Tiina of LiviaConcept said...

welcome back, i have been missing your lovely roses and posts! everything good here is stockholm, little bit rain but quite a lovely summer, filled with weddings and hen nights :)

di_ani said...

Wonderful blog!
Many beauty, creates mood and a smile!

Anonymous said...

Hello Rosy, I cannot get my mind around: winter with you and summer up here...and these lovely, lovely roses, that as you know alraidy always manage to go straight to my heart. My daughter Laura will leave november 3 to come to your continent. If you like I shall give you her recently started blog in wich she is getting prepared for a backpack tour of months to Australia. I myself have mixed feelings offcourse, since its winter with you now and summer here: seems like another planet to me.
Be well, dear friend
Godeliva van Ariadone

lady jicky said...

Its cold here in Victoria and I am happy to say - mine are all pruned too.
It sure makes the job easier if you can get the other half to help! LOL

Julia said... have taken my breath away with such lovely pictures of roses...I have found my all time fav bolgsite...Thanks for sharing your lovely taste...xx

Montserrat said...

Hi Rosy (& rose lovers), I've posted my pictures of all the pretty roses taken at the Bern Rose Garden.. Aren't they lucky they have such a lovely garden to go to. Pop over to my blog when you are free.

And thanks Rosy for the post.. "and then they'll rest for the winter".. Rosy, please do post even when in winter cos not only do we want to see the roses when in bloom, we would like to see them when bare, when the first tender shoots come (I particularly enjoy looking at them at these stage).. their first buds, bloom.. all the stages if you can.

Thank you.

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello, this is my first visit to your blog, and I must say, your roses are just gorgeous! Needless to say, I love roses too, from the title of my blog. What does it mean when your rose leaves get black spots on them? thanks for any information!


Gaia said...

Your roses are stunning!!! congrats!
I really love your blog. So romantic and your pics are so beautiful!