Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Alive with Colours

Sir Edward Elgar(David Austin)
Our little back garden is becoming more and more alive with colours each day. We've had cool and cloudy days with rain, I think the garden loves it! It is showing such intense colours. The yellow Gold Bunnys' blooms have faded a bit and they are on their way out, usually it'll be another four weeks before the next batch of blooms come through. Note: One of you asked if this apricot rose below is Jude the Obscure, which reminds me I was meant to put the name down in the first place. No, it's not Jude, it's Ambridge Rose and that is only one bush there in the photo. I tried to capture all the blooms on that bush in one photo, but it was simply impossible. It doesn't stop flowering once it starts in Spring and it has strong perfume. One thing which I haven't included in my pictures of the backyard is this......... Our rotary clotheline--I'm sure you never expected me to show that, but I read that not everybody in the world line-dries their laundry anymore these days. We do have a clothes dryer, but I only use it when I absolutely have to, say if it rains everyday of the week. I love the smell of the sun-kissed line-dried laundry. This most common, functional piece of metal in the backyard, though not the most decorative, (unless you have interesting laundry) simply there to fulfill its role, is indeed very much appreciated by us all. (doesn't consume any energy either, which is environmentally friendly!) There it is, spinning round and round in the breeze in the background...............


Anonymous said...

wow! Your roses look amazing! Unfortunately, my roses look awful atm because of thrips, and powdery mildew - out of control.

Is that Jude the Obscure - the creamy, yellow/apricot rose? How many JtO roses is there in that photo?

This year, most of my roses lack scent. The scent don't waft around.


Linda said...

Lovely, lovely roses, and what is an Aussie backyard without a clothesline LOL.
Cheers Linda

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Rosy,
I love stopping by your blog to drink in the beauty of your gardens. The autumn is here in Canada and it is getting dreary with the flowers gone and the leaves off the trees. Thank goodness Christmas lights and decorations will be going up soon to take away that dreary look!
Thank you for sharing and have a beautiful day.


Bobbie Lynn said...

Sir Edward Elgar is a beautiful rose and I will see if I can grow that in my So. California garden. I have no shade in my backyard and we do ge so very hot weather. I love David Austin roese and I'm going to change one area in my yard to have all roses. There are so many to out there so it's going to be hard to chose.

Kathy said...

Your roses are gorgeous! I love your clothes line - nothing like that wonderful fresh, natural scent of sun dried clothes.

Cottage Rose said...

OH your Roses are so beautiful. They are so colorful and bright looking. The only color I have is the wonderful colors of fall, but soon they too will be gone, when that happens, I will be making more visits to see your wonderful Roses.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rosy,

Thanks for the lovely comment you have left on my pillow. It was a really fun project because it wasn't a big project - thus instant gratification! :)

Interesting bit about the clothesline. I didn't know it's common in Australia. I

Mariella said...

hello, I must tell a secret, I love your garden!, is wonderful, is a source inspiration for my garden.

doing everything that you have the roses? because they are robust and large.

best regards

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

I hope you blog forever. As fall gives way to winter on this side of the pond, and the last of my roses curls up for her long winter's nap, I know it will be summer in your garden and I can come for a 'fix' whenever I need one.

Yours is simply the best and most beautiful.

Of course, if you would PUBLISH A BOOK OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS, you could take a break from blogging now and again. :-)))

Warmly, Ronda

Anonymous said...

I like your rotary clothe line. It must be nice to hang your things outside. We can't here - its against our home owners association rules to have a clothe line. Can you believe that? Maybe that will change someday with everyone stressing out on being GREEN.

Tea Cup Lady