Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Festive Air

This year for Christmas I decided to look into the linen closet and the Christmas boxes to see what I could use with what I've already got without having to spend much on decoration and yet give everything a new look. These are what I've come up with. I dug out metres of white fabric from the linen closet and made slipcovers for our dining chairs. I only bought ribbons and chains of stars and snowflakes for the makeover, they only cost around $15 for the lot. I made bows with these beautiful blue wired ribbons and with some old chains of pearl, changed the decorations on all my Christmas wreaths. I folded the napkins in candle shape to add to the cheer. I used the light blue dinner plates I already have to create a blue and white colour scheme and the white dinnerset with fresh pink and red roses for a red and white theme for our Christmas entertainment. I will also add place cards on the table for guests and a little gift for each person as finishing touches.Tell me which colour scheme you like better, the blue or the red?
P.S. Of course when we eat at the table, all those extra decorative stuff on the table will be removed, they were there for photographic purposes.
My kids put the Christmas tree up for us, I only had to sit on the floor and handed them out all the ornaments and they did the hanging and the adjusting and everything. They made Christmas trees (pictured below, the tinsel trees) with drycleaner's coat hangers and tinsels at school. They also made little gift boxes for these trees with old Christmas cards. You can click on all images to see larger pictures. Can you believe these gift boxes are made of old Christmas cards?Now I'm going to have to go and make some Chocolate Truffles and other Christams goodies as gifts for my friends. Have a lovely week, ladies.

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Anonymous said...

It all looks gorgeous. I like a bit of red mixed with a bit of blue (sorry for being contrary.)