Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sign of Spring

Here are some lil' hints of the approach of Spring in my garden today. It's still pretty chilly and wintery at the moment, but the rain we had may have made spring come sooner as I see wild flowers popping their heads out on the roadside. (Everlastings with all shades of pink are one of my favourites around the metro area) They are quite a distraction for drivers like me, I'll need to stop and take pictures one of these days. Here is a link for you to see some West Australian wild flowers:

This one in my own garden with gorgeous red bells is Perennial Penstemon Red. This pink one is Diascia Barberae (Dutchmans Breeches), what a name! My white Penstemon Snow Storm is budding too and white bells should appear soon.


Simply Roses said...

Spring is coming, I can imagine how beautiful and colorful your garden will be. We're expecting a big typhoon coming tonight. Hope it won't do too much damage to Taiwan.

Angela Louise said...

Isn't the thought of spring just wonderful? All the wattles are flowering around our place and the smell is divine! I would love to see all the W.A. wild flowers as I've had a fascination with wild flowers ever since I was a little girl. I grew up at Miles in country Qld and it never ceased to amaze me the fabulous display the usually dreary bush would turn on at the end of winter.
I have to tell you how much I loved your last post...I can see you love cooking as much as me! There's nothing more enticing than freshly baked apple anything- DELICIOUS! You always set everything up so nicely.
Happy gardening,

Elzste said...

As always you show us many lovely flowers. The red flower was georgeous.
Have a good weekend.
Love Elzie

Vintage to Victorian said...


What a lovely blog you have. I've only just found you, and to my delight see that you have my blog listed in your sidebar. What a lovely surprise that was, thank you.

I can't read too much of your blog at one time though, so I'll come back tomorrow - the pink characters on the green makes my eyes run for some reason! It's probably an age thing!!So it will have to be a case of a little and often!!

Looking forward to reading more.


Rosy Inspiration said...


Thanks for your visit, I'm glad you found me. Thanks also for "tipping me over the edge", so to speak, I have been thinking of changing the colour combo on my blog anyway, and of course I wouldn't like to cause stress to yours and other readers' precious eyes, would I?

Mandi said...

Hi your blog...all my favorite things....especially the austin roses....they are always better in Perth not as much black spot or in my case for here rust...we uses to live in Perth then moved south to Denmark then back here in the Channel Isles...only temporary though...15 years later still here...still have home down south...we definatly keep catching up on your blog it's great...take care..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosie,

Have you just changed your text colour? It looks really good; easier to read. I love your garden. It looks so much better than mine does at the moment, but I have a good feeling about this Spring. All the roses are getting new little shoots and I can hardly wait for them to bloom.

Mandi said...

Hi again...thanks for leaving your thoughts....Jersey is the seasons though had the worst summer ever..never known anything like it...very cost of living etc...were lucky as our accomadation is provided with the job hence we still have our home down south...Tassie appeals because of the seasons which I will miss terribly when the time comes toleave...where abouts are you in Perth?..hope to hear soon..

Angela Louise said...

Me again...hope you don't mind but I have nominated you for an award because I really enjoy your blog. I forgot to tell you last time how much I love the photo of your lounge room- so pretty!

Kali said...

Hello! Thanks for your visit and comment over at my blog :) I'm so glad you enjoy it.
I think your blog is wonderful and will certainly be back for more indulgence. Lovely!